11 May 2007


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I wait for the hatemail to come pouring in from the small minded dullards that do not appreciate the truth, and only get up in the moring looking for a reason to be offended.

On the whole, I'm very happy with this one from a technical standpoint. The action proceeds one way, the top character moves through the sceen the other way, and there is certainly some tension when the two collide in the middle. There is so much stuff going on in this strip, I even amaze myself.

Like Nietzsche did with his "Zarathustra", I now claim that one day there will be classes and whole departments at universities devoted to studying my HEADTALES!, and learning from their inexhaustible, hermeneutical richness. Yup, HEADTALES!, Zarathustra, and the Bible - all one in the same, really.


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